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Tool Making

CNC Machining

Our inhouse toolroom will take your tool design through the process of converting a block of steel to a finished, production ready tool. We will use our CNC machines to cut the tool to exacting standards.
Dolphin Products stands as a prominent plastic injection mould manufacturer, producing a diverse range of high-quality moulds for various industries.

Other Processes

We use many other processes including turning, grinding and EDM (Electric Discharge Machine) to obtain a perfect surface finish on the core and cavity sides of the tool. Should you need a logo on your product, our toolmakers will engrave or emboss your tools. Our highly qualified, experienced toolmakers will assemble your tool, ready for first tool trials. As a leading presence among plastic mould manufacturer we exemplify precision and expertise in creating advanced moulds that drives innovation and efficiency.

Australian Made

Our tools are made right here, by Australian toolmakers to exacting quality standards.
Dolphin Products Australia’s legacy as skilled toolmakers in Melbourne underscores its commitment to delivering top-tier moulds designed for precision and durability.

Tool Trials

Tool trials are used to test and verify the performance of the tool. The very first part out of the tool will reveal how well the tool is performing and whether any adjustments are needed. First off samples will be dimensionally checked by our Quality team on our Smart Scope CMM and compared to the drawings. This information is critical in determining what may need adjusting in the tool. The tool trials also allow us to review how well the materials performed, and if they are colour matched to your requirements. As responsible mould manufacturer, we meet the demands of all industries across the region.

Cycle Times

Machine cycle time is an important processing parameter that we monitor, so we want to make sure your part is manufactured within planned cycle times. Trials also help to set the optimum manufacturing parameters of the machine; pressures and temperatures.


We will send you samples of your product once we are satisfied that your requirements have been met. You can then use your samples for your own testing and validation processes. Once we have reached agreement on the standard and quality of the parts, the tool is then chemically treated for hardening. This will extend the life of the tool for high volume manufacturing. We will ask you to sign off a master sample for our quality processes and then full scale production can commence!

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