Our customers are wanting a fast representative sample that can be used to conduct testing, validating and market testing. Dolphin Products is a pioneer in rapid prototyping in Melbourne, utilising state of the technology to bring concepts to life quickly and accurately. We offer the following services for rapid prototyping:

CAD Modelling

Don’t have a CAD model of your idea or part? No problems, we can create your CAD and technical drawings for you. Our designers spend time with you, understanding the product requirements, the design and functionality, and design for manufacture. We can create the CAD data and export to various file formats. Our commitment to delivering exceptional rapid prototyping services is evident through our utilisation of cutting edge techniques.

3D Scanning

For complicated and intricate parts, we offer 3D scanning services to accurately capture a true representation of your part, converting into usable CAD data for tool design and/or 3D printing.

3D Polymer Printing

Using ABS plus materials in a variety of colours to suit your application we can 3D print your part. We use a soluble support structure to produce your part; this gives a better quality finish compared to a break away support structures.

3D Metal Printing

When speed to market is critical, we are here to help with 3D metal printing of inserts. Our 3D metal inserts are assembled into a common bolster ready for trialing your part before validating for high volume injection moulding. This process offers our customers a quick and affordable solution for producing an accurate injection moulded part using specified material. We offer a number of metal materials to produce your 3D printed insert. Our 3D rapid prototyping solutions enable you to transform ideas into tangible prototypes with unparalleled speed and precision. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your project!

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