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Product & Tool Design

Product & Tool Design

Your journey begins with a technical review with our Program Management, Design and Engineering teams to confirm your design specifications, material selections, product functionality, aesthetics, packaging, critical control points and specific customer requirements. If you don’t have access to a technical drawing, we have the capability to 3D scan your part to generate your drawing or we can model your product on our software. Dolphin Products employs skilled professionals to craft meticulous mould designs, ensuring the foundation for successful plastic manufacturing processes.


We are material experts and can help you choose the perfect material for your product and its application. We have excellent partnerships with our raw materials suppliers and if you are seeking something a little unusual, we can help. We usually mould in ABS, PP, PET, TPE, POM, HDPE and recycled plastics.
Our team specialises in comprehensive mould design, facilitating the creation of efficient and precise moulds that play a pivotal role in producing top-notch plastic components.

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Design For Manufacture

We will look at the manufacturability of your product considering all mould design aspects including wall thickness, tolerances, draft angles, ribs, gates, runners, undercuts and bosses. We will examine whether your product requires a cold sprue or can it be designed with a hot runner, eliminating sprue and runner waste.

Tool Design

When designing of your tool commences, we offer mould flow analysis to predict how plastic will flow within the tool cavity, identifying fill performance and warpage issues. We highly recommended this analysis for complex designs with tight tolerances, as it saves on time and money and it may reduce quality and manufacturing issues once in full scale production.

Offering top-tier mould design services, Dolphin products leverages its expertise to provide clients with optimized solutions for their plastic moulding needs, resulting in streamlined production and exceptional end products.

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