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Injection Moulding


Dolphin Products has 25 state of the art injection moulding machines ranging from 50T to 450T clamping force. Our machines are capable of producing thin walled, high tolerance parts. Our machines are closed loop for efficiency and precision with robotic controls for safe delivery of parts. Dolphin Products utilizes state of the art injection moulding machines to ensure the consistent production of high quality plastic components.

Insert & Overmoulding

Should your part need a metal insert, we can help with insert moulding. Or should you need to mould two different resins to make your part, again we have the expertise in overmoulding techniques. Beyond moulding, we also offer a number of secondary manufacturing processes including sonic welding, pad printing, assembly, hot stamping and drilling.
As a prominent player in the industry, Dolphin Products contributes to the growth of injection moulding in Australia, delivering innovative solutions that cater to diverse manufacturing needs.


Dolphin Products reputation for producing high quality products is renown within our industry. We are compliant to ISO 9001: 2018 and ISO 45001: 2018 and are certified externally each year. Our Quality team are highly qualified and have access to Smart Scope CMM, Tensile Test, electrical conductivity testers, calibrated vernier caliphers and other gauges, and a lightbox within our laboratory. We can provide a Certificate of Compliance with each delivery.

Dolphin Products specializes in small to medium plastic injection mouldings in Australia, catering to the specific demands of compact-scale production while maintaining uncompromised quality and precision. Know more about our injection moulding machines by getting in touch with us.


If you need your product manufactured in a controlled environment, where airborne contaminants are a concern, consider manufacturing your product in our Cleanroom ISO 8. Our workforce is highly trained in GMP practices and procedures, and will handle your product with care. We have extensive experience in manufacturing cleanroom products for laboratory consumables and understand our customer’s requirements to be DNA and RNA free. If your product requires an extra level of protection from contaminants, we offer gamma irradiation sterilisation service.

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