Dolphin Products’ extensive design capabilities together with our comprehensive CAD/CAM set-up, takes your product from concept to manufacture. We pro-actively work with you to make certain that foreseeable problems are eliminated, adopting a more robust design and reducing your tooling costs.

The CAD/CAM Windows-based workstations, use the following software packages: Delcam’s PowerSHAPE (PS Moldmaker, PS Electrode, PS Assembly) and PowerMILL and Unigraphics NX.

Data can be imported directly from customers via a variety of data exchange formats including IGES, VDA, STEP, DXF, UG part, ProEngineer, Catia etc.. Files may be e-mailed to or sent via conventional means such cd or usb.

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Tru Print Tooling

Dolphin Products in partnership with Tasman 3DPrinters, have developed a cutting edge 3D printing tooling process call Tru-Print Tooling. Our process will produce a true quality plastic injection moulded part that you can test and validate. Our process is fast and affordable!

We now have a process that dramatically reduces time and cost, without affecting fit, form or function of the part, which we can produce with 15-20 working days (subject to design complexity)

Tru-Print tooling is not a full scale production tool but offers many advantages, in time, cost –significantly lower than traditional tooling, improved surface finish compared to 3D printed parts, and most importantly testing and validation, using production grade materials giving you the peace of mind the product works and  functions to meet real world requirements.



3D Printing

Dolphin Products now offer a 3D printing service, our Design Studio has the latest UPrint SE Plus printer. If you are looking for a quick prototype, we can up-load your CAD file to our 3D printer and overnight print off your sample in ivory, black or blue ABSplus thermoplastic! That’s fast and we are affordable too!

There are many applications as to how this can benefit you and your business with starting at a very low cost to see how your idea will look and feel.
Dolphin Products see this opening us to many new businesses from industrial design, automotive, aerospace, engineering, dental and medical industries, fashion, footwear, jewellery, eyewear, education and many other sectors.

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Using the latest innovative tooling design strategies and highest quality of materials, producing a multi-cavity tool that can reduce the production cycle times and increase life expectancy. Dolphin Products constantly pursues ways to shorten tooling manufacture lead times. This is achieved by our fully-equipped toolroom and the experience of our qualified toolmakers.

At Dolphin Products, mould design and latest technologies in CAD/CAM is fully integrated with the in-house toolroom. The injection moulds are manufactured using high speed CNC machining centres to ensure consistent high quality finish and exacting tolerances. Our CNC machining centres include: OKK VP 400 steel and graphite machining centre, HAAS VF3 machine and state of the art EDM machines.

Our toolmakers also produce in-house calibrated gauges, check fixtures and jigs for product verification.



Injection Moulding

Dolphin has 26 state of the art injection moulding machines (Sumitomo, Boy, Arburg, Engel, Nissei) ranging from 25 Tonnes to 400 Tonnes clamp force. Our machines are capable of producing thin walled parts with wall thickness as low as 0.1 mm and moulding tolerance of 0.05mm and shot capacity from 0.05gram to 1.5kg.

Many of these machines are entirely closed-loop for maximum efficiency and precision. In addition, there are three 22 T vertical-platen machines for specialised insert moulding applications.

We mould a wide range of engineering polymers such as ABS, PA, PA6/66, POM, ABS/PC, PP, TPE, ASA, and HDPE. We have substantial experience and expertise in processing characteristics, final product property and suitability of specific polymer fit for specification and end use. This experience is invaluable in the assistance of material selection and the design of new products.Most of our machines are equipped with computer-controlled robots and conveyor systems for faultless process management, offering repeated and consistent quality.


Value Added

Beyond our core competencies of design, tooling and injection moulding, we offer the value added service of assembling, painting, printing and plating of your moulded products and sub-components. Our flexible work cells are staffed by trained and competent employees, using continuous improvement and lean manufacturing principles to enhance process capability.

Our Clean Room which is certified as a Grade C (Aust class 3500, US Class 100,000) at rest, has two dedicated closed loop robot controlled injection moulding machines and an automated assembly line which incorporates two inline inspection cameras to ensure process capability.


Clean Room

Assembly and packaging of products is carried out in the Clean Room ensuring delivery of clean, aseptic and dust-free products.

Click HERE  to see our range of medical products.



Manufacturing Process Security

At Dolphin Products, the security surrounding manufacturing is our number one priority. Our dedication to Product Security is imperative in all we do from start of process to delivery of final product. All our chip production processes take place in our modern factory. These premises include the most advance security parameters in the industry. The production process is “locked down”, that is:


  1. We deploy 24 hour surveillance
  2. Departments are zoned with electronically restricted access
  3. All tooling is done in house an stored in secure areas
  4. We maintain strict batch control processes and records with authorized scrap/destruction to reconcile materials to the final stage