Dolphin Product’s History

Dolphin Products was established in 1946 by three toolmakers. Specialising in toolmaking and custom moulding, Dolphin Products manufactured press, compression and injection moulding tools. From 1946 until the mid 70s, Dolphin Products manufactured a variety of plastic products including domestic, industrial and automotive products.

In 1992, Dolphin Products embarked on a plan to increase its product range, and enter the markets of mining, and recreational products.

In 1995, Dolphin Products created a line of products for the gaming industry, casino chips and accessories, which required the company to develop a high level of security, culture and skills.

In 1999, Dolphin Products moved to the purpose built, state of the art facilities in Heidelberg West.

In 2000, Dolphin Products introduced accredited Cleanroom facilities to Grade C (US Class 10,000).
In 2006, Dolphin Products added RFID embedded casino chips to the gaming range.

In 2007, Dolphin Products was acquired by Elixir Gaming Technologies Inc which gave us a synergy of expanding our gaming products and increased penetration into the Asian Pacific markets.

Today, Dolphin Products supplies globally and is the leader in technology, and has acquired all relevant business accreditations.