Dolphin Products is a responsible corporate citizen, firmly committed to the community. We encourage facility tours for secondary schools and universities – to promote our industry and encourage young people to consider a long term profession within plastics manufacturing, design, toolmaking and engineering. On occasions, our company also participates in work experience programs with local schools; mentoring, coaching and instructing students on our manufacturing processes.

Dolphin Products are a proud sponsor of the Dolphin Research Institute based at Hastings, on the shore of Western Port in Victoria, Australia.  DRI’s efforts are focused in the south-eastern region of Australia.  They employ biologists and educators to work with volunteers and students on structured and outcome driven projects on Marine Conservation and promote environmental awareness about the impact of pollution on our waterways, and the impact on marine life including dolphins in Port Phillip Bay.

We enthusiastically support various charities, holding fundraisers regularly. See our announcements and news archives for successful events.

Dolphin Products is proud to be awarded the 2017 Northern Multicultural small Business Excellence Award.
We are so proud of our Multicultural workforce.
Thanks to the support of the Banyule City Council the judges and organisers of the Northern Multicultural Small Business Awards 2017.

To view a video of the Award please click this link.